My name is Bryony Richardson and I am a fully qualified Osteopath, graduating in 2010 after a full-time 4 year BSc training. Osteopathy is a safe, effective treatment for all areas of the body including the spine and all other joints, muscles and connective tissue. I also use myofascial release techniques alongside osteopathy to create lasting change and get you feeling your best. Both treatment modalities are suitable for everyone from serious sports people to the elderly.

I treat using a whole body approach aiming to find and address the root causes of your complaint rather than just symptoms. I treat holistically taking into consideration all aspects of your unique presentation and tailor a treatment plan accordingly. Whatever your needs, I am a safe pair of hands and will take the time to listen to you and make you feel as comfortable and empowered as I can.

I am available at life and sole on wednesday and friday afternoons.

For more info or to book a session please go online at

or contact me with any question you may have at: or

07711009726 (please use text messaging as I am often unable to answer calls)

Facebook: @bryony.osteopath